Features to look for in a crib mattress

In the different department stores you can get a variety of mattresses in many organic materials, synthetics or combinations of both, with which children can rest and sleep peacefully.

The different models of mattresses that can be found in stores are:

Dock type
This model of mattress for baby crib evenly distributes the load of the weight of its JustBabiesThing small body on the whole surface, it is very padded and provides a quality rest. The price of these mattresses is usually a little higher because the production process involves more investment, and in spite of its multiple benefits, it is common to see how people opt for slightly cheaper models.

HR model
It is made in the form of a closed mattress in foam rubber of the highest quality and high density which provides greater support of the core

The different materials of confection that can be found in the shops are:

This material provides superior adaptability to the baby, with its extra 2 cm padding. of viscoelastic offers the comfort and security that your baby needs.’

This mattress made of latex, which is a natural material, is a very hygienic and silent product that allows you to obtain the maximum possible comfort.

Mattresses for polyurethane foam cradle
This type of mattress provides great adaptability, in the technological aspect it can be said that science has advanced a lot in favor of the adaptation of HR foams to an adequate rest, with these technological advances it has been possible to obtain high density foams and open cell, which greatly facilitates the transpiration of the materials used in manufacturing. Generally, these mattresses are used in cheaper models of cradle, however the cleaning process can be more difficult in relation to mattresses made with other materials. Currently it is common to see how in the market there is more and more variety of models of mattresses for cribs made from natural elements such as aloe vera, mallow or essential oils of soybeans for the nuclei.

To make a really smart purchase you must take into account the following aspects:
Must test the firmness of the mattress: Choosing an overly light or soft mattress is the most common error in parents when buying mattresses for the crib of your baby and the most important thing is that the ideal mattress is far away from these two characteristics . In the beginning you should try to touch if the mattress is firm in a uniform way, for this you can press the edges and the central area of ​​the mattress slightly.
If the mattress you choose is made of foam, you should be very careful about it, since these types of materials tend to lose thickness over time and continued use. There are models of mattresses that come with a kind of perimeter barrier in the interior to contribute to a better position of the baby, placing it in the center of the crib while he sleeps.

Verify that manufacturing fabrics are certified: You must verify the origin and certification of mattress making materials. You must ensure that the tissues are as natural as possible and that chemical agents that may be harmful to your baby’s health are Best Crib Mattress For 2018 not involved in the manufacturing process.
There are certifications such as the Oeko Tex with which consumers can be sure that the manufacturing standards are correct. The type of fabrics used in this type of manufacturing is usually more durable and natural to the touch.
That contributes to the prevention of allergies: a fundamental aspect to take care of the skin and the general health of your baby is that the mattress covers are washable at a temperature of at least 60 ° C, so the models with side zippers are an excellent option By washing the mattress (the protective lining) at a high temperature it helps in the elimination of the dreaded mites and bacteria that could trigger multiple allergies.

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